UP Home residents enjoy back-to-basics activities

The trees on the UP Home campus are beginning to change, bringing in our fall season. Fall decorations are going up, inside and outside the Campus, for all to enjoy. Welcome to fall!

The UP Home campus has been busy. This week we are taking advantage of homecoming activities. A reunion meal was held with residents representing the school of their choice. The Washington High School cheerleaders entertained attendees, including singing the Washington Demon Fight song and chatting with everyone. Residents had great stories of their high school experiences. We had two Sweet Heart couples from high school at dinner, Brad and Pat Goff and John and Marty Young. Also, Marty Young was part of the first demon team. We have also completed our collection of school supplies. A great evening was spent by all. The Washington Homecoming Court will surrender. We have two of our own employees represented in court, Alecia Goff and Makenna Conrad. Congratulations to the whole Court!

We also celebrated the 75th anniversary of United Presbyterian Home, which included an Alive After 5 event. There were open houses at the cottages. We would like to thank residents Randy and Jane Fehr, John and Jan McDaniel, Craig and Leslie Paul, Brad and Pat Goff and Ed and Marj Lins for opening their doors for the tour. We also had a ribbon cutting ceremony, drinks and hors d’oeuvres by our wonderful kitchen staff. Live entertainment was provided by Aces and Eights with dancing. Esther Bordwell shared a poem/letter she wrote in honor of our 75th anniversary which follows;

Dear Mr. Smith W. Brookhart,

You are a famous historical person to all who lived, worked, or supported the United Presbyterian Home in Washington, Iowa. I am one of those people. I am writing this letter to thank you for building our house. You did it in 1909. The results of your work were more than good. The house was FIRE RATED from floor to roof. The walls were brick. The floor was tiled. A frame was metal. The slate roof was on sheets throughout. Once the house is finished, “seeing is believing”. What a beautiful day it must have been when you and your family moved in. The couple had 7 children, they had a favorite event. Skating in the attic. On a cement floor! You joined the US Army during World War I. You went home to study law when that was done. Your interest in politics led you to an elective mandate in 1922. You earned a seat in the United States Senate. When did you sell your house? There were multiple owners, but my parents, Mary and Cloyce Stewart bought the house and land on May 15, 1944. Dad sold the house on March 12, 1947 to a church committee of the United Presbyterian Church who needed to raise the money to pay for it – $50,000. They traveled all over the Iowa Synod to raise funds. Today, 75 years later, with so many changes and improvements, we salute you, Smith W. Brookhart, the man who started it all.


Esther Stewart Bordwell.

It was a beautiful evening, beautiful weather and great camaraderie. What a spectacular way to enjoy our 75th anniversary.

We welcome Ellen Cochrum to the UP Home campus.

We would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Jean Sampson and Adela Wells.

Have a good week !

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