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The first variety show in three years, hosted by the Union University Student Activities Council, took place Saturday, April 23 at 7 p.m. at the Carl Grants Civic Event Center.

Variety Show is a chance for groups large and small to come together to perform for the Union community. The different groups perform numbers that tell a story through musical pieces and songs, dances and other creative talents and skills. This year, the five groups created an intro video that revealed their theme, then began the dance performance on stage with full sets and costumes. The Blank Slate Improv team hosted the show, helping to fill the time between performances with short, witty sketches.

“The Student Activities Council is all about fostering a fun and welcoming community and Variety Show is our biggest event where we can fulfill that role,” said SAC President Abbie Hobson, a young history major. “We were all a bit concerned that we hadn’t had one for three years and there were so many unknowns. However, everyone at SAC was more than willing to help in any way they could and I’m incredibly grateful for everyone’s hard work! »

The Student Activities Council had a big challenge ahead of them to plan and coordinate one of the Union’s biggest events after three years of not having it: Only this year’s seniors had experienced it before.

“It’s definitely been a surreal experience to see V-Show return,” said Grant Gammon, a political science and business management double major, SAC member and winner of this year’s “Most Valuable Participant” for his dedication. and his work in preparation for V-Spectacle. “I’m one of two SAC seniors to have seen a V-Show before. It’s hard to prepare new SAC members for the V-Show if they haven’t seen it before, so I’m grateful. that he returned this year to continue the tradition.

Sydney Dayton, pre-counselling family studies major and V-Show director for Chi Omega, said there were many challenges to help prepare for a V-Show with people who had never seen it. or done before. However, she said the work was fun, exciting and rewarding.

“I can see something that I imagined come to life, in a way that I absolutely didn’t expect,” Dayton said.

Josiah Ducharme, a freshman in philosophy, said freshmen were looking forward to the show because of the way seniors were discussing it. However, they didn’t know exactly what to expect.

“I think what I see among freshmen is a mixture of excitement and uncertainty…excitement because upperclassmen frequently talk about the V show and how excited they are at the time to watch and play,” Ducharme said days before the show.

However, no amount of conversation could have prepared everyone for what was to come on Saturday.

The evening began with a thrilling performance titled “It’s Not a Game Anymore”, by Alpha Tau Omega. The act featured a story where five distinguished guests are invited to dinner with a wealthy host when the host mysteriously drops dead in the middle of the evening. Dance and song follow the mystery surrounding death and the question “Who did it?” ATO Director Braden Henson won Best Director, and ATO won Best Show Moment and Best Small Group Performance.

Next, Zeta Tau Alpha performed a “Quest for the Crown”. Their video showed students breaking into the Zeta house and stealing the crown jewels, and on stage the Zetas danced through Nashville, Las Vegas and California on a road trip to retrieve the jewels.

After a 15-minute intermission led by Blank Slate playing improv games, the Chi Omega video began. Girls from the 50s, 70s, 80s and 90s all requested that their dancing decade be chosen for the V-Show theme. The women of Chi Omega took the stage, different groups dancing and representing each of their decades, eventually deciding that the theme would be “Dancing Through the Decades”. Chi Omega won Best Costume, Best Technical Ability, Best Choreography, and Best Large Group Performance.

Kappa Delta came next, with the video showing three of the women going to a candy store and finding a mysterious figure, heading to a chocolate shop. Their onstage performance showed the women battling their villainous counterparts to eventually reunite with their sisters in the end.

Finally, the Student Activities Council dance represented each of the major events held by SAC each year, as they attempted to convince two new freshmen to join SAC.

The long nights of planning, choreography, set design, dancing and hours of practice all came to life on stage. It was evident that each group poured their heart and soul into their performance and that they left the center of the event on Saturday night stronger and closer than they had been before.

Jaxon Via, a junior Cellular and Molecular Biology student and member of Alpha Tau Omega, loved seeing the bond that formed in his band throughout their V-Show practices and performances. He said, “Performing on stage was definitely a new experience for me, but I would do it 100 times. I think the best part was seeing the culmination of all our hard work. It was a great bonding experience for all of us, and I’m excited to see how better we’ll be this year, next year!

After Saturday night’s incredible performances, the “hype” surrounding the V-Show has officially returned for Jackson’s students, faculty, parents and community. It looks like it’s here to stay, as discussions regarding ideas and plans for next year have already begun among various groups on campus.

Photo credit: Union University Communications

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