Top 9 Trekking, Camping & Adventure Activities To Do Near Mumbai For An Exciting Long Weekend

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Top 9 Trekking, Camping & Adventure Activities To Do Near Mumbai For An Exciting Long Weekend

Posted on April 15, 2022

There’s nothing like looking for adventure to end your week on a high after staying so long, and with that in mind, Paytm Insider has curated a series of fun trekking, countryside and adventure experiences. to get away from the hustle and bustle. from the city of Mumbai this coming Easter weekend.

A. Trekking

1) Night trek in Kothaligad

Experience thrills on the ‘Night Trek to Kothaligad’ to reach its peak and enjoy the view of Peth village at its base. At the same time, trekkers can also see many caves like Bhairoba cave carved into huge rocks from the top, as well as other historical sites such as Kalwawantinicha Mahal, Siddhagad, Chanderi, Prabalgad and more. Get your tickets.

2) Kalsubai Night Trek

Climb Maharashtra’s highest peak of 5400 feet, visit Kalsubai Temple and enjoy mesmerizing views of Sahyadri Ranges from the top with the “Night Trek to Kalsubai”. Although this is the highest point, the trek is easy as the government and local villagers have secured the route by installing ladders and stairs where needed. Book your tickets.

3) Sandhan Valley Downhill Trek with Camping

The ‘Sandhan Valley Descent Trek with Camping’ offers an adrenaline-filled abseiling experience in the scenic Sandhan Valley, a 4 km long crevasse. The trek also includes a hike along a river bed for 6 km to the village of Dehene, giving you a real adrenaline rush. Join the experience.


1) Live Acoustic & Movie Night Beach Camping at Alibaug

This camping experience lets you ditch the air-conditioned movie theaters for a BBQ, bonfire, water sports like volleyball and Frisbee, or to watch your favorite movie outdoors. Not only that, but you can really let loose, dance with the DJ or lay back under the starry sky at Alibaug’s serene Revdanda Beach. Get your tickets.

2) Camping in the forest at Alexander Heritage in Matheran

Nestled in the unspoiled 5-acre forest lands of Matheran, the event offers it all – from archery, rifle shooting, live music, outdoor campfire movie screenings, dancing and night hiking for a memorable and indulgent weekend. Join the experience

3) Summer Sports Camping @ Tents N’ Trails

Cheer on your favorite IPL and EPL teams during Tents N’ Trails’ live screening of the matches in the poolside amphitheater. The location, surrounded by lush greenery, also offers a breathtaking morning hike to Adoshi Top! Book your tickets

C. Adventure activities

1) Harishchandragad & Kokankada Hike

This trek traces its ascent to the historic fort of Harishchandragad in Ahmednagar. However, the main attraction is the Konkankada, a 1423m concave drop that gives panoramic views of the surrounding hills and a breathtaking sunset. Other places of interest include Harishchandreshwar Temple and Kedareshwar Cave. Join the experience

2) Velas Turtle Festival

Velas, a coastal village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, sees hundreds of olive ridley turtles, one of the endangered sea turtle species landing on Velas beach to lay eggs. At the “Velas Turtles Festival”, not only can you observe these turtles on the beach, but you can also taste authentic local cuisine and visit Harihareshwar Beach and the historic Bankot Fort, among other fun activities. Book your tickets

3) Night trek to Peb (Vikatgad)

Located in Matheran, Peb Fort is at an elevation of 2100 feet above sea level. The path to the fort runs along deep ravines and cliffs, and the Peb Devi Temple is one of the main attractions of this scenic hike. Get your tickets

Satisfy your inner wanderlust and explore the thrilling adventures around Mumbai to make the most of your weekend. Book your tickets now at!

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