The Meadows Big Day Out – A full day of fun activities for all

Back for a second year, the Meadows Big Day Out returns to three stunning locations on Saturday, September 3.

The program will bring together an incredible art show, dance activities for children, workshops and delicious food.

The fun will begin at the Queens Walk Recreation Ground with the Green Meadows Picnic from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Green Meadows is a climate action project in the Meadows run by the charity Nottingham Energy Partnership.

The day’s activities will reflect the value of the community working together for positive change around the theme of reducing energy consumption for a better future.

The recreation ground will be filled with a packed program of entertainment, experiences and prizes to be won.

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Heather Hodkinson, Community Engagement Manager and Events Manager at Green Meadows, said:

“It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and excitement from communities and organizations, all coming together to support the 2022 Green Meadows Picnic.”

“We are pleased to welcome the presence of our resident artist Cath Sutherland who will work with children to create an art installation for the Meadows.

“Notts County Foundation, the official charity of Notts County Football Club, will make the most of the open green space with team sports and local Cycle Saviors to fix your bike, who offer a prize of one free bike.

Highlights include a magical dance and music display by the Can Samba Howlers troupe of vibrant fictional creatures made from scraps and trash.

Heather added that excitement is starting to build in the Meadows with residents and school children starting to get on board and playing a part in finding ways to reduce energy consumption to reduce carbon.

The picnic will host fun activities to raise awareness about climate change, including making a solar cooker, a climate talk café, a sustainable fashion show and a second-hand photo booth.

The cost of living is a hot topic, so the Green Meadows team will be on hand to provide information on Future-fit Homes, as well as support from local climate champions who are already leading the race to reduce carbon emissions by transforming food waste. into rich compost for the community.

Sally Longford, Labor Advisor for Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey Ward, Portfolio Holder for Energy and Environment, said:

“Our annual Meadows Big Day Out event showcases the talented local charities we are proud to have in the area and gives spectators a chance to ensure the conversation about climate change is for everyone and at all ages.”

Steps from the Meadows Bridgeway Shopping Center will be the Bridges Summer Event from 12-4pm hosted by Bridges Community Trust.

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This year they will be celebrating the diversity of the Meadows with international food stalls, lots of craft activities for kids and stalls run by local organizations and providing a great opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the area.

Just down the road in the heart of the meadows, the Arkwright Meadows Community Gardens September event from 12pm to 4pm, on Kirkby Gardens, will be enlivened by live music and a puppet show which you can enjoy with tea, cakes or food from their BARBECUE.
The gardens are a green oasis in the center of the Meadows, a perfect place to relax after a busy day and even buy some fresh vegetables to take home.

We encourage you to think green and leave your car at home and reach us by bike or public transport. All Meadows Big Day Out events are accessible by bus or tram with unlimited rides for the whole family or a group of friends for £6-£8.

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