The best tourist activities in Dubai

Dubai is a tourism hub. With its growing businesses, incredible nightlife and magnificent views, it has become the center of attention for tourists.

Dubai is a luxury city located in the middle of the Arabian Desert. You will find a desert on one side of the city with its scorching heat and dry sand; on the other side you will find the Persian Gulf. Hence, you will be able to take advantage of both drought and wetlands while traveling to Dubai.

Dubai is a city full of fun and life. Every day you will see something new and different happening in the city. However, there are certain activities to enjoy in Dubai. For example, in Dubai Desert Safari, you cannot visit Dubai without enjoying this activity!

A lot of people don’t know what to do once in Dubai. We don’t blame them; there are just too many things to choose from. However, this article lists some activities that you should never miss if you are visiting Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is one thing you can never miss. It gives you an experience like no other. Imagine enjoying a 4 × 4 in the deserts of Dubai.

The desert safari consists of different trips.

Morning safari

Morning safari is the best option for people who don’t have enough time. It allows you to drive a vehicle on the dunes for a good twenty minutes.

You can also enjoy a camp trip during this. Therefore, you can enjoy quad biking, sand skiing and camel trekking.

Evening safari

The evening desert safari is something you wouldn’t want to miss. It starts in the afternoon and you have the option of resting near a camel farm.

This allows you to enjoy the sunset in the desert, take a camel ride and go sandboarding. You can also apply beautiful Arabic henna to your hands and feet.

The best part – you enjoy an amazing barbecue with shisha and amazing skills presented by belly dancers.

Night safari

What could be better than being in a desert at night? You can gaze at the stars during the dark hours and take photos that will be your memories for life.

You will be able to take advantage of all the activities available in a desert and learn a few steps from the belly dancers. However, take your sleeping bag with you!

Dhow cruise

Dhows are wooden boats made by fishermen for navigation. However, now it is luxury boats that are used for sailing.

On a Dubai Dhow Cruise, you will be taken all around Dubai to enjoy its beauty. You will enjoy two decks – one will be inside with air conditioning etc. Here you will mainly enjoy live performance etc. The other will be slightly in the open air which will allow you to enjoy the fresh air of Dubai.

You can enjoy various entertainment during the cruise. For example, DJ party, belly dance, music party, etc. Other than that, you are served with some amazing food and drink. Kehwa – an Arabic drink, is a must during the cruise.

There are different types of cruises that you can enjoy. Some include Dhow Cruise Cove, Dhow Cruise Marina, Dubai City Tour, Musandam Dhow Cruise, etc.

You wouldn’t want to miss this fun and entertaining activity!

Ski Dubai

You must be wondering how you can ski in Dubai? Well, it is possible. Ski Dubai is a place for people who love skiing.

It’s built inside and you can ski, toboggan or snowboard there. You don’t have to worry about the equipment as everything is available on site. All you have to do is go out there and have some fun.

It is always best to take a few people with you to this location.

Dubai Creek

In Dubai, tourists also want to enjoy the water. Dubai Creek helps you with that.

In Dubai Creek, you can take an abra ride (it’s a traditional wooden taxi). You can also just take a stroll along the shore or sit and peacefully enjoy the sunset.

It also gives you a good chance to socialize with some locals!

Visit Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the eighth wonder of the world. Other than that, it is the largest man-made island. It consists of various buildings, which include apartments and villas.

Apart from that, you will find various beaches, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Hence, you can have fun in Palm Jumeirah by shopping and eating good food.


When you visit Dubai, it can be difficult to decide where you want to go. With this list, you can enjoy some of the must-see activities in the beautiful city.

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