Telangana government releases Rs 1 cr for Dandari-Gussadi dance festival


Adilabad: Recognizing the importance of the religious and cultural affairs of the aboriginal tribes, the state government for the first time released 1 crore rupees for the conduct of the Dandari-Gussadi dance festival. The government’s decision applauded the tribes of the ancient district of Adilabad.

Incidentally, no previous government had recognized the festival, nor allocated any subsidy for this dance festival.

“Gussadi is an ancient form of folk dance of the aboriginal tribes. Dandari troops perform it during the festival for a fortnight. Despite its rich significance, successive governments have failed to recognize the religious and cultural affair. The state government having approved the grant, a sum of 10,000 rupees is paid to each troop, ”said Kanaka Ambaji Rao, a teacher from Marlavai village in Jainoor Mandal.

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Come Diwali, cultural and spiritual exuberance has invaded the dwellings belonging to the ancient district of Adilabad with dance troupes or Dandaris presenting their skillful movements to folk songs and drumbeats. The fervor of the case seizes the Adivasi dwellings across the highlands district of Adilabad.

The tribes, including Raj Gonds and Kolams, perform traditional rituals to mark the start of the dance season. They worship the large peacock feather crowns and the musical instruments used by the troops as a prelude. The troupes visit neighboring villages to show off their dancing skills. Young people, who are part of these troops, can have the opportunity to impress a girl and marry her by making skillful gestures.

As part of the festival, ethnic tribes perform satirical skits depicting socio-economic conditions by presenting the characters of those who exploit and harass the Adivasis. They close the deal by worshiping the goddess Lakshmi on the Festival of Lights. Troops, made up of female dancers, would begin the dance performance.

Meanwhile, Rs 30 lakh were sanctioned for the construction of a temple of Pamdalpuri Kako in the village of Gudirevu in Dandepalli. Devotees and tribes thanked the government for building a permanent structure for the deity.

Danadri troops visit and perform special prayers at the ancient shrine as a prelude. The small village would come alive with the congregation of troops and tribes belonging to several parts of Telangana, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

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