TDP panel complains to Collector about YSRCP’s illegal ‘casino activities’ in AP’s Gudivada

Members of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Investigative Committee met on Saturday and complained to Krishna District Collector about alleged illegal ‘casino activities’ organized by Congress Party Minister Yuvajana Sramika Rythu (YSRCP ) Kodali Nani and his henchmen in the town of Gudivada, says a press release. The TDP panel, consisting of Varla Ramaiah, Bonda Umamaheswara Rao, Kollu Ravindra, Nakka Anand Babu, Alapati Raja and Tangirala Sowmya, requested permission from the collector to visit Gudivada in order to find out all the facts about the gambling activities there. They said the YSRCP ruling goondas attacked them and their cars during their recent visit to the city, the press release added.

The TDP leaders submitted a memorandum to the collector, claiming that part of the police had completely colluded with the YSRCP leaders. It was a black day in the history of Andhra Pradesh when call girl dancing, gambling and other illegal activities were introduced in Andhra Pradesh, according to the statement. The TDP panel said ruling party leaders created obstacles to their visit and resorted to unlawful arrests of their members. The ruling party made every effort and foiled the plans of the TDP committee to carry out on-the-spot investigations into the Gudivada casino, the statement said.

Expressing serious concern, Telugu Desam executives told The Collector that they filed a formal complaint about the casino with the Krishna District SP on January 17 itself. Such gambling activities during the Sankranti era dealt a blow to Telugu pride and the tradition-bound state. The general public was unable to stomach the fact that such an unwanted culture was being brought here, the statement read. The TDP committee said that the casino organizers collect huge sums from the public in the name of entry fees and also by deceiving them. A lot of gullible people went to the casino and got robbed badly. Some had even lost everything they had.

The TDP asserted that the collector had a duty to protect the public in his capacity as chief executive of the district and also as a law and order officer. It was alarming that the police not only remained silent in the face of YSRCP vandalism, but also encouraged goons in the ruling party to attack TDP committee members. Members of the TDP committee have urged the collector to verify the facts about the casino and take strict action against the culprits. There was evidence that illegal gambling and dancing took place at K Convention Hall which belonged to Minister Kodali Nani. In a democracy everyone has a right to know and the TDP committee should be allowed to go to Gudivada to bring out more facts. (ANI)

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