Separate periods for club activities, watching children’s films | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Pupils will have separate periods for club activities and for watching children’s films from 2022 to 23, with schools reopening for grades I to X on Monday.
A standard timetable for classes VI to X provides for two periods per week for artistic and cultural activities and two for associative activities.
“Schools can schedule these activities during the last two periods of the week according to their needs,” said a circular from school education commissioner K Nanthakumar and director of elementary education G Arivoli. It offered literary club activities in the first week, quizzes in the second week and environment and computer club activities, robotics in the third and fourth weeks.
“The department will distribute CDs of children’s films. Schools without projectors can hire them through school management committees,” the circular states.
He also suggested teaching drama, folk arts, music and dance. The timetable also provided a separate time for reading newspapers, children’s magazines, and books, in addition to a weekly moral instruction period. He also recommended holding school management committee meetings on the last Friday of every month.
The school education department plans to launch an “Ennum, Ezhuthum mission” to ensure that all students up to age eight are able to read and have basic arithmetic skills by 2025.
Officials said more than four crore of textbooks had been sent to all government schools and subsidized by the government. “Pupils in classes I to X will receive textbooks on the first day. Other items like uniforms, shoes, atlases, schoolbags will be distributed in the coming weeks,” an official said.

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