Push the dance music out of the club

A Miami-based multi-award winning singer-songwriter who presents aerial dance shows and directs animated feature films is changing the way people listen to dance music.

Billboard Top 20 artist Kim Cameron has shattered glass ceilings with her deep house and electro-pop sounds through new releases each year that have consistently hit top DJ charts.

Dubbed a ‘hopeless romantic’, the songwriter wants to expand the reach of ‘beat on repeat’ beyond the club scene and into the mainstream and she’s managed to garner millions of spins with her many hits on Dunkin’ radio.

With the release of several new originals and remixes this year, including Don’t Stop, a cover mashup; Love story; and Perfect, which just hit the Top 40 on DJ Life’s DJ Dance charts. Cameron’s investment strategy is to keep the message clear and relevant. His exemplary remixes include the brand new genre, Amapiano, which captures the fresh sounds of today.

Cameron’s love of dance music is reflected in his television and film work, from Golf Channel to Clean Break to Road to Riches. A full dance soundtrack is even included in Seaper Powers In Search of Bleu Jay’s Treasure, the sequel to Seaper Powers. She was taken over by the Dove channel for her first film. There is also a movie with Vanilla Ice in production with her.

As a professional athlete, Cameron played twice in the NFL (Giants, Redskins) and once in the National League (Marlins). Over the past 14 years, he has toured the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and China, including Xiamen Music Festival China, Dubrovnik Wave Festival (Croatia) and Komen’s for a Cure (Miami ).

Among her many awards are an American Songwriting Award, Best Emerging Female Artist, Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, Semi-Final Song of the Year, and Best Dance Song.

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