Odissi International Dance Festival-2021: Odissi Dance Veteran Kasturi Pattanaik Captivates Audience With Spectacular Performance

Bhubaneswar: Odissi dance pioneer, performer, choreographer, teacher, trainer and composer of music, Kasturi Pattanaik, captivated artists and art lovers with her Mangalacharan, dedicated to Lord Sri Ramachandra and adapted from Sri Rama Raksha Stotram in Sanskrit (Dhyayed Ajanu Bahum…) at the Odissi-2021 International Dance Festival in Utkal Rangamancha, Bhubaneswar today.

This classical choreography by Kasturi Pattanaikha has its particularity to integrate the short sequential performances of mancha puja (alati, puspanjali and pranam), dhyana (atmasamadhina), bhajan (katha-kruti) and kritan / sankirtan in their various artistic dimensions; with divine greetings to the universe and to the cosmic whole. The Mangalacharan, was based on Raag-Chandrakosh, Taal Ektali, with musical composition by Binod Bihari Panda and Kasturi Pattanaik.

A galaxy of music veterans Odissi-Sachidananda Das (Mardal), Ramesh Chandra Das (Violin), Swopneswar Chakraborty (Sitar), Kshiti Prakash Mohapatra (Vocals), Rudranarayan Parida (Flute) and Sudhansu Ranjan Puhan (Manjira) have joined the live performance and elated the recital at its classic best.

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