New website seeks to create ‘dance music archive’



Dance Music Archives by Electric Hawk, is a new website that seeks to document and archive the entire history of electronic music. This is great news for fans of DJ mixes, radio shows, and footage lost in old places. The site promises to be a concise and convenient one-stop-shop for all things EDM.

Andi Durrant will serve as chief librarian for the project. He was the founder of “This is Distorted,” an audio content agency — which works to connect music, media, sports and entertainment to the consumer. As a longtime student of sound, Durrant will undoubtedly do a good job of bringing our favorites together in one place.

Durrant was quoted as having proposed the idea saying:

“I was rummaging around the loft and came across a few boxes of old guest mixes from my radio shows over the years… but there wasn’t one place to find them all. We decided to put it all in one place – a growing and ever-evolving digital museum, which we hope will bring back incredible memories and provide a place to document the diverse, fascinating and forward-thinking evolution of the world. dance music.

Dance Music Archives: An Introduction

The website will categorize the collection by year. And will feature keyword research to allow for in-depth research into specific genres and artists. With the click of a mouse and a press of the keyboard, the whole world will be at your fingertips. This represents a great moment in the evolution of dance music. It will constitute a source of knowledge for those who wish to discover the profession and the evolution of dance music.

You can help!

The Dance Music Archive calls on the dance community to come together and help fill the archives. The website is actively seeking contributions to its huge logistics project. If you would like to contribute, click here.


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