Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Taylor Ratcliffe: Over in Rindge – Fun March Activities

At this point in the season, most have had their fill of the New England wintry weather and all that comes with it. For me, March can be particularly trying. It’s just such a job!

But this March, I’m prepared with a handful of local, family, and budget must-haves to put on the calendar. Here is a short list of things to do and things to do in the Rindge area to help keep the March Madness at bay.

Hiking – By far my favorite local trail in Rindge is at Converse Meadow. It is a pleasant, serene and quiet trail. From the moment you leave your car in the parking lot, there is an abundance of natural and man-made treasures to discover. Bridges, benches, lookouts, and abundant wildlife are found on this 1 1/2 mile trail, making it a fun ride for all ages.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – See you in downtown Jaffrey on March 12 at 2 p.m. for the return of their St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Can’t wait to join our neighbors in Jaffrey to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture with Irish music, dancers and floats. This parade is a great community event – hope to see you there!

New Hampshire Maple Growers Weekend – The weekend of March 19 and 20 marks the annual New Hampshire Maple Farmers’ Weekend. Several sugar shacks are opening their doors to visitors this weekend, inviting people to taste their product and learn about maple syrup production. Fieldstone Farm Sugarhouse in Rindge is just around the corner for my family so it’s usually our first stop. We love their syrup and the farm animals.

To serve — Serving in your community costs nothing and can pay off big. Let’s mark our calendars with a date to check in with a neighbor who could use a hand, donate much-needed blood with the Red Cross, or spend a morning with the Fridays for Future group in downtown Jaffrey at 8 a.m. to raise awareness about climate change.

Cinema day at the Ingalls Library – On March 24, Ingalls Library will screen the film “Hidden Figures” at 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., and will serve free popcorn! This film is entertaining, challenging and suitable for a wide range of ages. Older children can enjoy the events of this film, especially when paired with the picture book of the same name.

Hot cocoa on a whim – Recently my 4 year old and I decided on a whim to stop for a hot chocolate at the Hometown Diner in Rindge. We settled up to the counter on retro swivel stools and enjoyed the spontaneous pleasure of a hot chocolate on a cold morning in a classic restaurant. Yum!

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