‘High Maintenance’ Star / Co-Creator Directs ‘Prison Dance Film’ With ‘Bong Appétit’ Host


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HBO High maintenance co-creator Ben Sinclair has something up his sleeve. (And it’s not just grass.)

hollywood reporter reports that Sinclair is teaming up with cannabis journalist Abdullah Saeed to make an “untitled prison dance film.” The two will co-write the film together, but Sinclair will attempt his first feature film director gig.

Considering the incorporation of dance into the concept, the project will echo the style of a musical.

Sinclair directed episodes of High maintenance, corn in its recently packaged the second season only co-directed three, alongside his co-creator / ex-wife Katja Blichfeld.

In addition to playing in the road trip series Vice makes America, Saeed Produces And Hosts The Marijuana Food Show In Viceland Bong Appetite, with episodes featuring chefs like a 91 year old grandmother. According to Variety, the series, which has a different theme for each episode, from watermelon bongs and Shabbat dinner to Greek-inspired donuts, was nominated for a James Beard award in the television category.

Sinclair and Saeed will work with New Regency producer Arnon Milchan. Fox Searchlight will act as the film‘s distributor.

There are no further details on what the musical will involve or who is in charge of the music, but there is one detail that we can probably safely predict: there will be marijuana involved.

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