Guv inaugurates the Birsa Munda Music & Dance Festival at AUJ

To promote the importance of art and culture among the people of Jharkhand, the two-day Birsa Munda music and dance festival organized by Amity University, Jharkhand in association with the Pandit Chandra Kumar Mallick Memorial Charitable Trust , was inaugurated by Governor Ramesh Bais here on Saturday.

Addressing the assembly, he said: “I am happy that Pandit Chandra Kumar Mallick Memorial Charitable Trust has provided a platform for deserving music artists. India has maintained a record of classical singing since ancient times. In addition to entertainment, it helps to maintain a healthy mind and body. It is connected to the environment. Folk singing is typically seen in local programs. However, it has a tradition. It takes patience to learn it.

The governor added: “There is no religion, caste or community of singers. The lyrics of any classic song may not be understood, but the beat affects everyone ”. “The health sector has accepted that singing has a positive impact on healing from any illness,” said the governor. The Mallick brothers hypnotized the gathering with their classical song and sitar while Manjusha Ranjan recited a poem in Hindi on the occasion. They applauded Amity University, Jharkhand’s support to organize the event successfully.

The Governor congratulated the recipient of Padma Shri, Madhu Mansuri Hasmukh, the artists Nilesh Mallick, Pandit Rajkumar Jha, Professor Mohammed, Manjusha Ranjan, Sachin Kumar, Gargi Malkhani, Shrijit Chatterjee and Ashok Das as well as the winners of the Academy Attainment Award 2021 from Amity University, Jharkhand. members Dr Jayeeta Chattopadhyay and Dr Sumira Malik on this occasion. Welcoming the Governor, Professor (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Jharkhand said: “Amity University, Jharkhand places equal importance on art and culture apart from education . No less than 325 research papers are published by our faculty members in addition to 93 student research publications in the past year, while projects funded of Rs 80 lakhs have been received. We are honored to have the Governor’s gracious presence on our campus.

Professor (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Principal, Amity University, Jharkhand and Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar, Amity University, Jharkhand conveyed their blessings on this occasion.

The program ended with a Kathak performance by famous dancer Gargi Malkani and group instrumental performances, including flute and tabla by Ashok Das and Shrijit Chatterjee.

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