Factors that spoil your savings

We continue to analyze those habits that, little by little and without you noticing, make the money you put together be reduced to a few soles. Do not cancel the memberships you do not use.

Now a lot of services are based on memberships, that is the business and sometimes to cancel them you have to spend some time. This means that with the passing of the months we forget to do it because apparently they don’t charge us much. That is what it seems but these small amounts debited from your account or charged to your credit card, make the budget increase and savings decrease.

Say no to cards

money coins

It’s not about being afraid of them. Regardless of what they told you, plastics are not the reincarnation of the antichrist (but if you wish you can know the 5 sins of credit cards). On the contrary, using the card consciously will allow you to take advantage of the discounts that companies offer you, as long as they suit you (reread letter “a” of part I).

Ideally, if you are buying something at a discount, do not pay it in installments because the interest has already met the discount and it will be like buying it at a normal price. If you want to take advantage of the benefits you have to make sure you have the card that suits you. For that, use the Sancho Panza credit card comparator and verify the options.

Buy for day to day

If you already know that during the month you use three bottles of oil, then why go every ten days to buy one? Supermarkets usually take offers at the end of the month or fortnight, because they know that people will have a full pocket during those dates. Do not buy everything that appears but evaluate the offers and buy in bulk what you already know you will need. In the long run, it suits you more. Not only do you save time on shopping but also the money to go from your home to the supermarket and some other soles.

Now you know the basic and not so basic behaviors that threaten your savings. Get away! And start to see the fruits of that. If you still think that this is not for you, the guide of the bad savers will help you make saving something practically innate.