Exclusive interview with Brazilian electronic dance music duo Cat Dealers

Brazilian electronic dance music duo Cat Dealers return to UFO Network to talk with us, this time about their latest project “Funkatron” alongside Robbie Rivera and more!

We’re thrilled to be joined and chatting with Lugui and Pedrão ‘aka’ Cat Dealers once again for an exclusive interview here at UFO Network. The guys have gone from strength to strength since our last chat in 2018 and it has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of their musical journey and exceptional growth since then. Find out how our interview went and what Cat dealers have to say below.

You can find the high-energy redesign of Robbie Rivera’s US hit “Funkatron” by Cat Dealers now available via Armada Music and available on all music streaming platforms! We’ve got the loop trail here at UFO and we’re sure you’ll love what the guys have done!

Lugui and Pedrão are happy to chat with you again. You have gone from success to success over the past few years and it has been great to see and be part of this journey! How have you been and what do you think are some of your biggest highlights in 2022?

“So nice to chat again! 2022 has been the year for us so far and it’s crazy to think there’s so much more to come. We just released one of our favorite tracks so far. ‘now Funkatron, with the legendary Robbie Rivera. We also have a schedule of upcoming releases that we’re really excited about, our tour is coming to many places in the US, Europe and Brazil…

There are so many reasons to be excited! Of course, we have to mention our main stage performance at Tomorrowland Belgium and EDC Las Vegas, which will also be our festival premiere, a highlight in any DJ’s career, so it really is like a dream for us. We’ll be playing Rock In Rio again, which is also very special for us because we’re from Rio and of course we can’t forget Lollapalooza, which we played in March and it was amazing! There are many things that we cannot announce yet, so many surprises!

Listen to ‘Funkatron’ on Spotify

Tell us about your latest project and rework “Funkatron”, Robbie Rivera’s 2001 classic. What was your motivation for wanting to work on this release and what was the creative process like?

“We were looking for a track to work on, then we came across this electronic music classic. This is such a classy and exciting song! We made a demo and sent it to Robbie Rivera, he liked it and we started improving. We made several versions of the song to test on our shows, and it became the track we got to test the most since the shows returned.

When we last spoke, we asked a few questions about a version you released at the time called “Sunshine” with LOthief & Satti. The numbers for this release since are simply mind blowing with nearly 77 million streams and counting Spotify alone!! Was it something you expected at the time and what other opportunities and successes have come from it?

“’Sunshine’ was a hit and till date it is in so much demand and performed all over the world. It’s obviously one of the most special songs of our career. It was even certified platinum in Brazil! Every release is so special, but obviously Sunshine is one of those tracks that exceeded all of our expectations. Since Sunshine, we are always working to provide the best possible experience for our fans and in the meantime, we have grown a lot as artists.

Pieces like ‘Your body‘, ‘Gravity‘, ‘Long gone‘ and the remix of ‘Good morning, good morning, good morning’ generated a lot of opportunities for us and none of them were taken for granted. We took every opportunity we managed to get so that our project could grow and reach new heights. We believe in hard work, so all of these opportunities and great things we’ve achieved are a direct result of the good work we put in alongside our team.

Listen to “Sunshine” on Spotify

So 2020 and the start of what we can only describe as one of the strangest and most uncertain times in recent history. For most DJs and producers, the pandemic and lockdown have been a time of self-discovery and creativity. Where were you musically during this time and has the Covid pandemic opened up other avenues for your career?

“During the pandemic, we had to reinvent ourselves like all the other artists. We’ve worked on ourselves, spent time with family, had time to delve into Cat dealerships and figure out what we want for the future of the project. We released a lot of new material and spent an insane amount of hours in the studio, which allowed us to experiment and change our sound.

But of course the human element was really missing, we went from a full tour schedule to zero shows without notice, so it was tough. We missed the fans a lot, playing the tracks and testing them out to see the crowd reaction, but one thing that was clear to us from the start of the pandemic was that we would try to deliver as many experiences and content as possible. . possible.

One of the projects that stood out to us the most was our Insomniac TV residency, in which our team created a series of 3D lives entirely from scratch. It was really rewarding. In addition to that, we have managed to participate in major digital festivals such as Tomorrowland Around the World, EDC Orlando. It was really a difficult time, but we surely never felt distant with our fans, but happy that it was over and that we could play shows again and meet people all over the world.

You guys killed it at EDC Mexico this year as well as Lollapalooza Brasil. What was it like being able to perform again after the pandemic?

“It was amazing to play again! We missed the energy so much, it’s great to be back. We prepared so many new things for our shows and now we are able to put everything into practice. We have a lot fans in Mexico so we were really excited to come back and play EDC, it was amazing! But Lollapalooza was crazy because it was the first big event in Brazil after the pandemic and we didn’t know what to expect. It was raining that that day was the last day of the festival but in the end everything went perfectly and the crowd was absolutely crazy Lollapalooza is always a highlight for us.

From Instagram teasers and buzz among our audience, tell us about your current “Cat Dealers Tour 2022 May” tour starting today at 291 Rooftop in Manaus, Brazil.

“This month we have a lot of shows in Brazil and the United States, among which we must highlight our debut at EDC Las Vegas on the Kinetic Field stage. We have already performed at the Orlando and Mexico editions and c was awesome, so we’re super excited for it!

Exclusive interview with Brazilian electronic dance music duo Cat Dealers

What are some of your biggest highlights in 2022 and tell us about some of the accomplishments and successes you’ve had post-pandemic.

“Incredible things have happened in our career over the past few months. We played our first show in London, a sold-out night at the iconic Printworks London, and in the same week we also played two other nights sold out, one in Dublin and the other at the Marquee New York, so what a week!

When we talk about Brazil, we cannot fail to mention our return to one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the country, Só Track Boa, which holds a very special place in our hearts because we share the stage with some of our Brazilian DJ Friends and we have so many fond memories of the other editions we’ve played. It’s incredible!”

Our team is always on the lookout for fresh new music that hits UFO Network. Give us some of your favorite current music releases and which emerging artists, DJs or producers should we watch in 2022?

“An artist that we listen to a lot these days is Kasablanca, they make a very good, current and innovative sound that we appreciate a lot. In Brazil we have a lot of emerging artists like Mochak who recently gained a legion of fans for its authenticity, Carola, a girl who made her way into the Brazilian electronic scene and who will be performing – for the first time – at Tomorrowland Belgium this year and Maz, who for us is one of the greatest Brazilian DJs in come, we love his music!

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What projects do you currently have “In The Works” and what can we and your fans expect from you for the rest of 2022?

“With such incredible upcoming shows this year, we are working to deliver an extraordinary show for our fans. We want people to have an auditory, visual and sensory experience when they attend our show. And for that complete experience, we focus a lot on our songs and the production of our shows. We have at least one release planned per month, a great remix coming… So stay tuned”

Thanks for talking with us guys and we wish you the best for the future! You are doing some pretty amazing things for the industry and we will continue to support and follow you along your journey.

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