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If you’ve turned on the radio, watched TV, or attended a music festival in the past few years in Europe, Asia, or America, you’ve probably noticed DJs and producers like Skrillex, Kygo, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta. , flooding the market and achieving international popularity at an unprecedented level by performing in EDM shows and festivals.

Booming artists Eloi Muhoranimana, popularly known as Eloi El, are on a mission to place Rwanda on the global EDM and House music map, not only by producing soulful sounds, but also by ushering in festivals. EDMs that will help fans of this genre to meet. and get connected, something he says will increase his popularity in Africa.

Growing up watching Avicii, Kygo, some of EDM’s top producers, perform live at festivals, Eloi El dreamed of one day waking up and performing for the same audiences as them in Africa, especially Rwanda.

Eloi El, speaking to the New Times, said that one of the reasons that inspired him to start EDM shows is its non-appearance in the region and the fact that people are unfamiliar with the his.

However, he believes that as you introduce it and bring people together to experience the goodness of these sounds, many will begin to embrace and feel the new vibe.

“I assure all EDM enthusiasts in Rwanda that 2022 will be their best year. It will drop at the beginning of next year, ”he confirmed to this publication.

When Eloi El released his first music video “TRY” earlier this year, he received positive feedback from different people and they were all concerned about why this type of music is not played in Rwanda.

However, he believes that doing live performances will create awareness and bring a good impact to this type of music not only in Rwanda but across the continent.

Eloi El also revealed that 2022 is going to be a productive year for his career introducing more Tropical House vibes and Deep House music that could go crazy in a club or shows different from the kind of chill-out, chill-out songs he normally does. . .

When asked why he only does EDM music, the 22-year-old artist said that this genre has taken up a large part of his life and that he always wanted to become a musician in this type of music.

“EDM hits differently from other genres. It creates memories that are hard to forget, ”said Eloi El, explaining the uniqueness of this genre.

“It doesn’t take much to produce it. All you need is a good melody, lyrics and a good production, ”he added.

Target of EDM festivals in Rwanda

Many artists in the region stick to a few genres such as Afro beat and Hip Hop, something Eloi wants to change by introducing EDM festivals.

According to him, the first goal of EDM festivals in Rwanda is to get revelers to have fun, enjoy good vibes and connect through this genre.

By providing a space for EDM enthusiasts, he said he also wanted to create something that would provide opportunities for other upcoming Rwandan EDM producers, DJs and musicians, and help them create music freely. without any restrictions, like sticking only to Afrobeat.

About Eloi El

Eloi El is a 22 year old musician, producer, singer and songwriter born and based in Kigali, Rwanda. Its mission is to push the boundaries of electronic music, armed with freshly crafted sound intended for international audiences.

In December 2021, Eloi amassed over 7.6 million streams on Spotify and landed on huge playlists from Spotify editorial playlists such as Chillout Lounge, New Music Friday Canada and Deezer Editorial Playlist as Chill Relax from Deezer Editeurs France. .

It has now passed 15 million streams on Spotify.

This Friday, Eloi EL is releasing a brand new Electro House and Deep House track entitled “On Fire” in collaboration with Lost Ways, one of the best Swedish producers.

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