Dance your Christmas with these classics from the 80s dance movies

The 1980s were a crazy time for revelers, from crazy colors to tight neon pants, perms and leggings, the one constant was that there was a lot, a lot of dancing, and some of the best dance-themed movies. the never-before-performed dance came out in this decade.

With dance being such a strong ’80s theme, it’s no surprise that so many good dance-inspired movies were made around this time. The only problem is that there were so many good ones that it’s pretty hard to pick a top five. However, the following films have stood the test of time and remain popular films that inspire viewers and filmmakers to this day, in no particular order.

Lacquer (1988)

Hairspray is a comedy written and directed by John Waters. The film is set in Baltimore in 1962 and follows the story of teenage Tracy Turnblad as she pursues a career as a television dancer. Interestingly, the film only had decent success when it hit theaters, and would go on to receive huge success after its home video release in the 1990s.

The film is now considered a classic and was adapted into a Broadway musical in 2002. This musical was later re-adapted into a 2007 film with John Travolta. In 2016, there was also a live-action TV adaptation of the film called Hairspray Live !, which aired on NBC in December of that year starring Ariana Grande and Harvey Fierstein.

Dirty dance (1987)

Dirty Dancing is an all-time classic of any genre, not to mention comparing it to other dance flicks of the 1980s. Starring Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze, it’s a film about the power of music and dance, about the inner strength that can be gained by letting go of society’s expectations and just being yourself. It is a timeless message that will be consumed and appreciated by modern audiences for many years to come. It grossed over $ 214 million at the box office and was the very first title to sell over one million copies in home video.

The film’s seemingly everlasting success and popularity saw it continually reproduced and parodied in popular culture and the scenes from Family Guy and Crazy, Stupid, Love are proof of that. The mega-hit (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life is another example of the film’s popularity, as there have been so many different versions, samples and remixes released. The film has left its mark on iGaming and there is a Dirty Dancing branded online slot that players can find at casinos with no deposit bonus like Betfair and 777 Casino.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1985)

Girls Just Want To Have Fun is an interesting case because one could technically say that it was a box office flop when it was released in 1985. The film grossed $ 1.7 million in its week. -end opening and grossed a total of $ 6.3 million after costing $ 5. -million to do. He was rated very negatively at the time despite a star cast including Sarah Jessica Parker, Shannen Doherty and Helen Hunt. The main criticism of the film at the time was that it looked too “old-fashioned”.

However, it has generated a huge cult following among modern audiences, who tend to appreciate the cheesy and eccentricity of 1980s films juxtaposed with the dark and serious themes of many films today. It has proven to be so popular with modern audiences that 20th Century Fox and Lakeshore Entertainment have announced plans to remake the film, although no news on the progress of the project has been released.

Footless (1984)

Footloose was a smash hit, but pretty much any measure, but no one seemed to want to admit that they liked the movie. It grossed over $ 80 million at the US box office alone, but one reviewer was still moved to write, “It might be a hit, but it’s trash – potent fodder for. the adolescent market ”.

The film stars Kevin Bacon as rebellious teenager Ren McCormack stranded in a town where dancing and rock music are banned. Inspired by his girlfriend, McCormack tries to overturn the ban and bring some fun and dancing back to town. The film is perhaps best known for its soundtrack after Kenny Loggins received an Oscar nomination for Best Music (Original Song) for his contribution.

Flash Dance (1983)

Flashdance was slightly riskier than its teen-focused contemporaries. The film follows the story of Alex Owens, played by Jennifer Beals, who is a welder by day and an exotic dancer by night. She wants to defy the hazards and get out of the rut in which she is by becoming a professional dancer. Despite, or perhaps because of the more adult themes, Flashdance performed very well at the box office, grossing over $ 200 million, making it the third most successful film of 1983.

There have been rumors of a sequel since the 1990s, but nothing serious has materialized yet, but the film was adapted into a Broadway musical in 2001. The film is also in the process of being relaunched. in the form of a television series by Paramount for its streaming service. and is expected to be released in October of next year.

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