Dance Music Venues, Promoters & More Form Underground4Ukraine Fundraising Events Initiative

Underground4Ukraine, a new fundraising initiative to support Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion, has been launched to “unite the underground against war”.

Various European clubs, venues, promoters, artists and labels have already joined the network, with Alter Ego and IsBurning from Amsterdam, Carpet & Snares from Lisbon and Hangar from Brussels among the names that have signed up so far.

“In the midst of every chaos there is an opportunity. For kindness, for solidarity, for kinship,” says Underground4Ukraine. “Art is not made to decorate apartments, but to move, to propel, to create new realities.”

Underground4Ukraine will donate 50% of the funds collected each month to the Ukrainian Women’s Fund and the remaining 50% to Urgent Action Fund. For more information on how to get involved with Underground4Ukraine, head over to their website.

A number of Brussels-based event organizers are hosting an outdoor festival tomorrow (March 10) at the Atomium in Brussels, with sets from Belgian DJs and all proceeds going to Underground4Ukraine. Take tickets here and see the flyer below.

The international music community came together in various ways to offer support to Ukraine after Russia invaded the country on February 24.

On Friday March 4, Ukrainian labels Standard Deviation and Mystictrax released a 65-track compilation to raise funds to support humanitarian organizations. check this here.

Ukrainian label muscut and its subtag shukai both donate 100% of revenue spent on their Bandcamp pages to Save the life organization. Ukrainian label ШЩЦ donates 200% of its profits to Kiev Civil Defense.

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