Dance Music Northwest Team Pick Their Favorite 2021 Albums

This past year has been a welcome return to nightclubs and festivals. In the middle of that there was also a lot of amazing music, and the team at Dance Music Northwest picked their favorite albums, ranging from melodic dubstep to funky house and everything in between.

Check out our picks below and be sure to let us know which were your favorites from last year on Facebook and Twitter!

Glen Sears, CEO and Founder: Silk Sonic, An evening with Silk Sonic

It might not be an EDM album but it’s a 100% certified front-to-back dance banger. Throw these amazing tracks into any disco or funk DJ and on stage, brace yourself… EDM remixes are coming.

Nick Bowman, Editor-in-Chief: Purple disco machine, Exotic

Purple Disco Machine pays a masterful tribute to disco, funk and soul, worthy of the sweatiest 3am dance floors of all musical eras.

Ryley Campbell, Marketing: state-garden, Inspirations

Marcus Schossow and Matt Felner are two dance music veterans who bring together a powerful and melodic sound with this album. With a mixture of heavy and melodic interludes, this album crosses several genres.

Valérie White, Public Relations: MitiS, Lost

This ethereal and melodic album strikes all sensations and is ideal for listening on rainy days of the Pacific Northwest. Relaxing vibrations from start to finish.

Heath Harshman, Project Manager: Flux Pavilion, .wav

Diversity, high-level productions, effort and passion that shine track after track. It has become commonplace for Flux, but this album stands out.

Maddie Welch, Editor-in-Chief: Porter Robinson, To feed

Thematically, it’s a deeply personal exploration of relationships and time, and musically, each piece is an intentionally creative contribution to the whole. Nurture was highly anticipated, but the timing of its release during the pandemic is significant.

Jen Ludington, editor: Feed me Feed me

In a somewhat sleepy bass year, Feed Me is happy to pull you off the couch and spice up your walk. From crisp beats to the more ethereal hit single “Reckless”, Feed Me’s eponymous album will give you reason to dance and take a break, while reflecting on the bittersweet moments of 2021.

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