Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival organizers seek new home for 300 trophies

A room to house about 300 trophies is needed for a local arts festival.

The organizers of the Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival (formerly called Chilliwack Lions Club Music and Dance Festival) are looking for a new space for 40-50 trophies for the whole year and 250 trophies from mid-November to mid-March each year.

“We’re looking for a space with a business or community club that can spare a 12′ by 12′ by 10′ high venue,” said festival registrar Laurie Hirschman. “We are ready to make this company or group a main sponsor and also offer other benefits.”

Trophies should be in their new home by September 1 if possible.

For the past two years, the Chilliwack Music and Dance Festival has been virtual. This year the festival changed its name when the Chilliwack Lions Club resigned after 75 years of the festival.

Hirschman said they are also looking for volunteers for the festival, which takes place every February and March.

A Trophy Coordinator is needed to take inventory and make minor repairs to trophies as they are returned each year.

This person also coordinated the arrival of trophies at the Chilliwack Cultural Center when needed for competitions, which typically amounts to eight trips during the competition period. It takes about 50 hours a year to do this job.

Other volunteer positions are also available, with a small remuneration:

• A new registrar is needed for the whole festival. This position has been held by Hirschman for the past 23 years, but due to ongoing health issues, she has to step back into a smaller role. She will be on hand to help support the new person(s) taking on this role.

• A dance registrar is required to manage online registrations for dance only. This position must possibly be filled by a former dance student or a former or current parent or dance teacher. Most of this work is done from mid-November to December 20 with some light work from January to mid-February and then again during periods of dance competition.

• A senior dance coordinator is needed to assist the other two adult volunteers behind the scenes with day-to-day issues that arise during competition. This person would also serve as a liaison with the Chilliwack School District 33 student volunteers and help set up a work schedule for them. Other responsibilities would be advising on potential dance referees for the upcoming festival.

• Additional volunteers are required for the daily running of the festival at the Chilliwack Cultural Center during competition times.

The festival dates for 2023 are February 16 to March 16.

Anyone or business with free space for trophies and those interested in volunteering can contact Laurie Hirschman by email at [email protected] or call 604-858-3147.

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