Children in Bhopal learn theater activities in a month-long workshop

Several city children aspiring to theatrical pursuits are trained in their best skills by noted theater personalities in Gandhi Bhavan in a month-long theater workshop.

Organized for budding students by the children’s theater academy, participants are now rehearsing for a new production. During the workshop, children learn voice modulation as well as improvisation and topic management skills.

All kinds of theater forms are taught to students to familiarize themselves with the theatrical art. He said the training program is divided into three sections which include theory, practice and application. He added that theater is a collaborative art form that uses live performances of real or imagined events on stage in front of the audience. Here, performers must communicate these events through a combination of gestures, words, songs, music and dance.

There are different elements that play a vital role in the theater world, including performing art, he added. The art of the scene is very important because half of the act is understood through the type of decor put in place.

Students are trained to improvise the meaning of action, gestures, expressions and emotions. Gupta further stated that the students also learn basic acting exercises to strengthen their acting fundamentals.

This training program further aims to free students from self-awareness and strengthen their concentration through sensory exercises. Students are given assignments to apply in their theatrical personality and performance. The students learn various forms of theatrical performances and they would stage them in front of the Bhopalites on the closing day of the workshop, Gupta further informed.

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