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After the biggest and the best border party Also in 2021, Boundary Brighton returns in 2022 on Saturday 24th September. Home to top international superstar DJs, iconic electronic DJs and performers and amazing local talent, plus the return of Garage favorites TQD. Boundary Brighton 2022 has confirmed over 50 artists offering the widest and most diverse lineup in even more genres across the dance music spectrum. The exciting full lineup will be unveiled in a few weeks!

Returning for the sixth year, Boundary Brighton is proud to welcome 20,000 guests to its home in the beautiful Stanmer Park. The South Coast’s largest shopping festival stretches over a radius of 60 miles and is nestled between the crest of the Downs and the town with the sea below. Boundary promises to push your festival experience to the limit, with the launch of their fourth stage in the Boneyard area*. (*information on the new stage to be announced soon).

Limit Brighton revelers!

Making the most of Brighton’s creative energy, lust for life and generosity of spirit, Boundary Brighton is a four-stage festival showcasing the best in music, delicious local food, a vintage fair and other unexpected treats. The festival works with and supports local brands and venues, providing over 350 jobs and showcasing the spirit of Brighton.

Brighton’s two local universities are basing all of their freshman week festivities around Boundary Brighton 2022. The festival has given away around 5,000 tickets to each university to help support the running of each student union.

Saving the best for last, Boundary has officially been labeled THE festival to close out the incredible 2022 festival season. After selling out for the past five years, Boundary Brighton is set to end the 2022 festival season with a bang and transcend your past conceptions of an immersive festival experience.

Boundary Brighton takes place at Stanmer Park on Saturday 24 September 2022.
For tickets and more information on upcoming programming, please visit
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