Battery Dance will present the 41st Annual Battery Dance Festival

Battery Dance is celebrating the 41st anniversary of its free summer festival August 13-20, 2022, in partnership with Battery Park City Authority.

The 41st Annual Drum Dance Festival will feature in-person and live performances at Rockefeller Park, Battery Park City, New York at 7 p.m. ET August 13-19. A closing party and VIP reception will take place on August 20, 2022 at 6 p.m. at the Schimmel Center. Reaching local and international audiences, the Festival promotes Battery Dance‘s mission to connect the world through dance. For more information, visit

Battery Dance Festival, New York’s longest running free public dance festival, was established by Battery Dance as the Downtown Dance Festival in 1982. Prior to the pandemic, it drew an audience of approximately 2,000 people each night in its iconic setting. The Festival went virtual in 2020, attracting 30,000 spectators in 206 countries. In 2021, it operated as a hybrid model with over 10,000 in-person members and over 21,000 virtual audience members. This year, the Festival returns to welcome the public in person and live.

“When Super Storm Sandy flooded lower Manhattan eight years ago, Battery Park City Authority reached out, providing a beautiful site for the Battery Dance Festival that we have all enjoyed every summer since 2013. With the prospect of the rising seas in the future, BPCA is implementing a proactive resilience plan, lifting Wagner Park up to 12ft, making it inaccessible this summer. But never fear! BPCA has invited us to move to Rockefeller Park this summer where we will enjoy the large lawn and view of the river, as we bask in the glow of performances by local and international companies.” – jonathan hollanderpresident and artistic director of Battery Dance

Local companies

Alison Chase/Performance, Tsu-Ku-Tsu

“Tsu-Ku-Tsu” explores the balance and order of a royal procession giving way to a full-throttle pandemonium of somersaults, leaps and bounces. To a resounding original score by acclaimed taiko drummer Leonard Eto, warrior rhythms resonate as bodies combine and lock into striking sculptural forms.

Ballet Inc., Touch, – World Premiere

On Debussy and Brahms, “Touche” is a contemporary ballet that explores the idea of ​​female and male emotional response to difficult decisions.

Ballet Nepantla, Let Down and Suite Huasteca

“Let Down” is the story of a lost love that confronts gender normative dance, while providing a representation of queer women in dance. “Huasteca Suite” is an excerpt from “Valentina” by Ballet Nepantla.

Drum dance, Hoffman dances

“Hofmann Dances” is a trio of new dance works inspired by Hans Hofmann, one of the most influential painters and teachers of the 20th century. Guest choreographers Saeed Hani, Tsai Hsi Hung and Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez explore Hofmann’s poetic imagery, groundbreaking painting techniques and use of brilliant color. Together, their three works embody Hofmann’s legacy of imagination and abstract expression.

Buglisi Dance Theatre, Threads

“Threads” is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as told by people around the world, starting with Eleanor Roosevelt. Buglisi’s new exploration also includes indigenous voices that expose the traumatic unraveling of our society. These human stories create intricately woven threads that make up the fabric of life.

Christina Carminucci, The Solidarity Series IV: Free Spirits Suite – World Premiere

Accompanied by a live jazz band, the fifth original work in the Solidarity series is dedicated to the joint presentation of tap dancing and jazz music.

Daeyana Moss, Forsaken Spirits

“Relinquished Minds” explores what has been taken away from dancers and performers during the pandemic. The choreographer sees the pandemic as a game of chess: every decision counts and even the wisest decision can have a negative impact. Either way, you should never give up.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre, face what faces you!

Choreographed by the company’s dancer Claude Alexander III, the piece is an honest and moving work that addresses the challenges of life.

Dancing Wheels Company, imagine, if you will…

Inspired by the current social and political climate in the United States filtered through the lens of people with disabilities, David Dorfman says of his work, “I often marvel at how much we as ‘able-bodied’ dancers take for granted and at the same time how much we as Americans take for granted.” Set to music by Liz de Lise, Omar Souleyman and Wovenhand, Dorfman attempted to let the audience imagine a life of different physical or emotional capacities.

Demi Remick & Dancers, Sweet Nothings

“Sweet Nothings” is a tap work energized by genuine affection for those we love, exemplified with a deep respect for the masters of the dance form. In this work, the most nostalgic memories are romanticized using the vintage melodies of the golden age.

Floyd McLean Jr., Cold – New York Premiere

“Cold” explores the importance of standing tall in a world that seems to have its cards stacked against you. The individuals in this duo revisit the earth from another realm, navigating prejudice, hate crimes, and more because of your appearance or identification.

Gaudanse, nanibu – Premiere in New York

“nanibu” explores what it means to be royalty through imagery and movement. The choreography uses the movement of a bird as well as the feelings attached to colors to create the idea of ​​a queen.

i KADA contemporary dance company, Unfolding

The cultural roots and life journey of choreographer Ae-Soon Kim on three continents weave together the people, places and things encountered to compose the soul.

LaneCoArts, Swerve

“Swerve” explores the deviation of society away from the fundamental principles of nature. A society in conflict first manifests itself in social upheaval followed by environmental dismantling.

Ntrinsik Movement, Kindred Spirit

“Kindred Spirit” is an excerpt from a multidisciplinary production titled “House of Love” that reflects our culture and heritage. The dancers pay homage to those who have gone before us and celebrate the cultural rhythms instilled deep in our souls.

Peridance contemporary dance company, just above the surface

Created as part of a residency program commissioned by Western Michigan University, this piece explores the electrical connection of human interaction – the sensations that bring people together or apart. Conceptually rooted in the FoCo technique of Yin Yue, which fuses movement from Chinese folk dance and contemporary dance, the work communicates non-traditional narratives against a buzzing and intricate musical backdrop from Michel Banabila, Shifted, Machinefabriek and Metamorphoses.

Tati Nuñez, Touch – Returned – World Premiere

“Touch – Returned” explores how physical touch can create both internal and external presence in the space around you, exposing both vulnerability and humility as dancers meet.

The Vanaver Caravan, Retrospective of the Vanaver Caravan

To celebrate The Vanaver Caravan’s 50th anniversary, the troupe’s dancers and musicians present excerpts from their heritage of innovative world dance and music, a percussive tapestry of pieces from their renowned repertoire inspired by American, Irish, African, French-Canadian and Balkan.

Tina Croll + Company, Balkan Bacchanalia

“Balkan Bacchanal” explores the complex rhythms and moods of music from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. The dances are often rituals that vary in mood from wild and playful, slow and majestic, hard and thrusting to soft and almost trance-like.

Xing Dance Theater, Citizen

“Citizen” questions the labels we receive – foreign, immigrant, gay, white, black, Asian, poor, old, young. Standing on stage, after the dancers have shared their stories and exposed their inner selves, what labels do you actually see?

International companies

AWA, As You Want, Luxembourg – American premiere

A duo created by Baptiste Hilbert and Catarina Barbosa to remind us that all human beings come from the same place, even if individual life experiences make each of us different characters.

Compagnie Virginie Brunelle, Les Corps Avalés, Canada – American premiere

A living fresco of today’s society where beauty and ugliness coexist, “Les Corps Avalés” depicts these women and men tired and sucked into a socio-political chaos, their arms hanging in tears.

Dos Proposiciones Dance Theatre, Pacto de Fuga, Spain – US Premiere

“Pacto de fuga” is the response to the choreographer’s desire to explore the coexistence between contemporary dance and the urban landscape. The creative process is based on the research and immersion of the three dancers in a concrete public place: a popular traditional square in Seville, Spain.

Fairul Zahid & Lasalle Dance Singapore, Allocentric, Singapore – World Premiere

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur and now based in Singapore, award-winning choreographer Fairul Zahid explores the hierarchy of multiple social identities with the music of Òlafur Arnalds & Nils, with a cast of six dancers from LASALLE Dance Singapore.

Julienne Doko, Lost Memories, Norway – US Premiere

The Greek myth of Sisyphus is reinterpreted through the gbaya, the native Central African culture and language of the choreographer/dancer. She invites us to see and feel the connectivity between different artistic and cultural backgrounds.

TeaTime Company, Stick-Stok, Netherlands – US Premiere

“Stick-Stok” reveals the human desire for constant discovery and the tumbling effects that entails. No matter how badly we want time to stand still, the technological age we live in continues to rapidly change and crumble.

Battery Dance established its outdoor festival in 1982 to engage with its home community in lower Manhattan, where it had been based since its founding in 1976. As one of the United States’ foremost cultural ambassadors United, Battery Dance connects the world through dance. The Company pursues artistic excellence and social relevance by creating vibrant new work, performing on stages around the world, presenting dance in public spaces, serving the dance field and teaching people of all ages with particular attention to disadvantaged people and areas of conflict. Battery Dance is committed to strengthening the cultural vibrancy of its home community in New York, expanding programming across the United States, and building bridges around the world through international cultural exchange with programs in 70 country to date.

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