Avicii’s dance anthem “Levels” celebrates its 10th anniversary


Avicii’s dance anthem “Levels” celebrates its 10th anniversary

This is often the one question that is asked more than any other in EDM circles. “Where were you when you first heard Levels ? “From Avicii” With its release on October 28, 2011, it’s amazing to think that a song that started out as a simple Etta James sample would completely change the world and define a whole era of music.

There are very few songs that can match the impact that “Levels” has created over the years. You’d be hard pressed to find a fan of dance music who doesn’t have an emotional connection to the song. Many believe that this is the track that best represents what people call the “golden age” of dance music. Even a decade later, it still echoes through the speakers of many festivals during DJ sets. It has continuously been ranked as the # 1 dance anthem on many different lists and cemented Avicii as an all-time legend.

In the 2017 documentary Avicii: True Stories, Avicii can be seen experimenting with Etta James’ famous song, “Something that got a hold of me.” The film quickly came to him in his studio, playing early versions of what would become one of the most iconic progressive melodies in music history.

“When I got home I realized there was something special about this idea. So I started working on it. When we had “Levels” I think we both realized we had something special. – Avicii, Avicii: True stories

The track instantly changed Avicii’s life making him one of the most requested DJs in the industry. All over the world, videos of massive crowds reacting to song at performances have gone viral. These are moments the EDM community had rarely seen before and sparked a new wave of dance music culture.

“There was the right energy, the right uplifting tune that we were looking for and suddenly it made sense for it.” [Etta James vocal] be there. “- Ash Pournouri, Avicii: True Stories

The “levels” would peak in the top ten in 23 countries with nine places # 1, a truly incredible achievement. he won platinum certifications in 13 countries, with nine being multi-platinum achievements.

Relive Avicii’s dance hymn “Levels” below.

Avicii – CIFCO (San Salvador, SV) – November 7, 2012, via Rukes.com

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