5 Holiday Activities for Malaysian Students

School holidays are here! For a week, kids can hang up their canvas shoes and take a break from their textbooks.

Many students prefer to spend their time indoors, playing computer games, watching TV or the latest videos on TikTok and Instagram.

However, while students are online, they should also check out Bandar Aktiviti Seni Kuala Lumpur’s free arts education online series called Seni Untuk Semua Atas Talian (Arts for All Online).

This initiative bridges the gap between arts, culture and community. On this platform, many local talents will share their skills and knowledge. These include traditional dances, arts and crafts, and even recycling tips.

Make the most of the holidays by participating in these fun activities. The best part is that you can learn new things from home. Also, you don’t need to shell out any money for these courses.

make greeting cards – Join artist Ili Nazurah as she shows viewers how to create simple greeting cards. Learn how to create floral designs and basic calligraphy. Ili also teaches faux calligraphy, a method of writing with letterforms that resemble calligraphy, using any standard writing instrument like a ballpoint pen, chalk, or marker.

Spectators can learn how to transform plastic waste collected on the beach into Becs works of art. Screenshot: Youtube/BASKL

Upcycling workshop – Here is your chance to turn old objects into beautiful works of art. Join Boho by Bujbecs founder Rebecca Becs as she shows you how to create pendants and dreamcatchers using plastic bottles. Becs is based in Langkawi and its works are created from plastic waste collected on the beach. Viewers will learn some recycling methods with art and understand the benefits of saving Mother Earth.

contemporary silat dance – Dance teachers Zaidy and Fiqah will present the combination of silat and modern dance movements. The course is suitable for students who are just beginning to learn to dance or for those who have a basis in dance. Fiqah and Zaidi, co-founders of Kuala Lumpur-based dance studio 2Twenty2, combine traditional martial arts with modern dance elements, creating exciting new dance styles. Classes will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and are suitable for all ages.

Chong teaches students how to explore different melodic patterns on the electric guitar.  Screenshot: Youtube/BASKL Chong teaches students how to explore different melodic patterns on the electric guitar. Screenshot: Youtube/BASKL

Contemporary Carnatic Music – Carnatic musician Haris Nasyeed teaches viewers how to sing and play Carnatic music based on raaga (musical notes) and tala (rhythm) using the keyboard. Suitable for all ages.

Guitar lessons – Do you play electric guitar and want to know more about improvisation? Challenge yourself to improvise your guitar playing with musician Andy Chong. The course is in English and is suitable for people aged 10 and over.

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