25 Christmas math activities for middle school

Have students look at typical wish lists and add up what Christmas would cost for a “Santa Claus” family of 4. Have the middle schoolers add up what was spent on gifts with sales tax of course and see what the numbers show. Start teaching budgeting for math practice.

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2. 108,000,000 households in one night – It’s definitely magic

Middle schoolers will love knowing how many children around the world Saint Nick might visit on the eve of the 24th. The distance between countries, in and out of houses. Not to mention that the weight will slow down the flight time. Lots of math hidden behind Christmas.

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3. Ugly Christmas Sweater Logic Puzzle Printables


We all know about the Ugly Christmas Sweater contests in many places, but these worksheets can help middle school students solve their math and logic problems during class time. This is a free downloadable logic puzzles lesson plan to entertain any student while learning middle school math concepts.

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4. Holiday-Themed Linear Challenge Equations


Students can learn about linear equations and match the gift with the gift tag. Understand the difference between slope-intercept and standard form. These are fun Christmas themed worksheets to keep everyone in the holiday spirit.

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5. Learn about ratios via cooking in this holiday activity

Once again Math Guy comes up with some great ideas as he bakes Christmas cookies and teaches us all about ratios. So pull out your favorite recipe and while you’re making your delicious treats, check out this awesome Christmas cookies and ratios link.

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Let’s decorate the classroom with child-made Christmas math pendants and ornaments. Middle school students love to display their work and show off what they’ve learned, so why not get in the holiday spirit with these math ornaments and pendants? With a little coloring, the classroom will look great.

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7. Santa’s Math Word Problems – Fun Math Activity for the Holidays


Santa Claus is smart but needs your help to solve these fun word puzzles. Using your basic math skills and quick thinking, help Santa find the solution to these math challenges. Make it a game and quiz with friends or classmates.

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8. “Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree”


Encouragement is the best way to learn and one way to let our students shine is to decorate the tree with math ornaments to prove that we know our math concepts. Hand out worksheets with equations in the ornament, then color. Fun in math class.

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Using parallel lines, angles and math, this giant snowflake will stop people in their tracks. It’s so cool to do with this tutorial and you will revise your math skills at the same time. Have fun and do it as a class project or with friends.

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Give students a stocking filled with words on red slips of paper and another stocking with green slips of paper with equations on them. Students in pairs take a sheet of paper from each and together they make up a word problem using the given word and equation.

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11. Hershey Kisses Math – So sweet at Christmas!


Use a large bag of Hershey Kisses and write the numbers 30 to 100 on white round stickers and place it at the bottom of the kiss. Then tell students as they enjoy their treat to find a 3-step math equation that would answer their number. Sealed with a kiss!

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12. Santa’s Reindeer Winter Math


Dasher, Dancer, Donner and Prixen, Comet, Cupid, Vixen and Blitzen all have to help Rudolph in these Reindeer Logic games. Can your students help you too? Have fun to see who won the race. The PDF is free to print and ideal for tired math teachers as the holidays approach.

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13. It’s Advent – Fun digital activities


Advent calendars usually contain chocolate or a toy. This advent calendar is filled with number math puzzles to brainstorm with others and solve quickly. Some are easy and some are tricky.

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14. Middle School Math Scavenger Hunt


Math fun for middle schoolers. They love running around the playground and looking for exciting clues, solving puzzles and much more. You can do it yourself with a few printables and some easy to follow instructions. Movement helps in the learning process.

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15. Board games, table games and card games


These games teach and are great math ideas to improve middle school math, logic, numbers, and basic skills. A range of ideas and just think free or low cost. It is worth the investment for the whole family. Playing a holiday logic puzzle sharpens the mind.

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16. Smart Dice – Math Dice Games


The award-winning smart dice allow math teachers and educators to work with students and practice equations using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. This is an award-winning Stem game and ideal for use in math lessons. It can be used with a variety of games and lesson planning.

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17. Mathematics of Singapore – a modern activity for students


Singapore tops the list in the Math rankings. This is a great idea for algebra prep. Students learn with pictures or objects in a tangible way and slowly increase their skills towards more abstract learning. Number links, bar charts, and mental math activities are fun to do during the winter break.

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18. Geometric Snowflake Puzzle


Middle schoolers will be fascinated by all the angles and geometry of snowflakes. Students will learn the names of angles and how to draw them to make snow “angles”. Once the kids know the angles, make a replica out of Popsicle sticks and decorate.

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19. Measuring Snowman

christmas-gifts-santa-claus-kids-height-chart-growth-meter-vector-wall-sticker-with-christmas-tree-decorated-snowman-winter-festive- decor-spruce-in-the-snow-measurement-of-the-height-of-children-cartoon-rule_8071-6887.jpg?w=2000

Have students find the measurements of a snowman using your specific instructions. Maybe a 7 inch head and a 5 inch carrot nose. Let’s see if they can do a draft on their own and another in class.

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20. The last week before the Christmas holidays


holidays, middle schoolers can only think about food, sleep and games. Here are some easy activities for middle schoolers that are cool and educational. There is a variety and advice for parents or educators. It’s great fun for the whole family.

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21. Order of Operations – Christmas Style


Holiday math challenges are here, and it’s a great site and you’ll find there are so many cool and colorful challenges to complete. Follow the color-coded step-by-step instructions by mathematically numbered activity.

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22. Math Christmas Carols


Christmas carols are fun to sing and these math carols are special because students will be able to learn math equations and tips and tricks with these songs. Perhaps an activity could be creating your own song or a math talent show. Good tunes for learning math concepts.

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23. Math Dance – Fun for Students

Holidays are all about having fun, listening to music and dancing. Watch this fun crazy dance on Youtube and get your students dancing to these educational moves. A nice entertaining video to encourage children to learn math in a different way.

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24. The world of education brings us Math Bingo


Math Bingo is fun for everyone in the last week of school before break. It’s a cool and easy revision game to make with these printables. It’s a favorite holiday math game.

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25. Beautiful real-world math problems


Children need to learn cooking, budgeting, costing and spending so they can survive. There are plenty of ideas on how to teach these topics and more. You can’t cook Christmas dinner or buy presents if you don’t know how to budget.

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