10 Funniest Activities Gamers Have Done While Living Alone

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The circle season 4.

The circle Just wrapped up its fourth season on Netflix, and this iteration of the popular reality competition was sillier, more dramatic, more surprising, and more fun than ever, with a lovable, crowd-pleasing winner.

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Like every season The circle, most players competed solo, meaning they were sequestered alone in their apartments with no human contact. Part of the fun of the series is how the isolation sometimes makes players more than a little silly. It’s the engine that drives much of the comedy.


When Crissa immediately danced across the table


Crissa brought positive energy to the show from the start, and she wasn’t afraid to show it. In one of the first moments viewers see her in her apartment, she’s on the table dancing hard and screaming to be on. The circle.

It’s the first of many times that Crissa feels right at home and lets her excitement and nervous energy shine through. She also slips off the couch when overcome with emotion shortly afterwards. It’s always fun and hilarious to watch a player enjoy themselves to the point of doing something like dancing on a table.

When the Spice Girls talked to Mel B’s dog

Spice Girls Mel B and Emma making a hand gesture that signifies zip lips in a promotional image for The Circle

Even though Emma and Mel B were playing together in their apartment, they still needed some extra company. The two talked a lot with Mel B’s dog, Cookie, throughout the season.

It’s lovely both because the Spice Girls are hilarious in everything they do on this show and because it’s so on point. Many viewers certainly felt connected to Mel B and Emma as they spoke lovingly to Mel B’s dog. It looks like Cookie did a great job of keeping them company as they finally achieved their goal.

When Frank used a chair to block the door

frank grimsby the circle season 4 cropped

Frank had some of the funniest one-liners this season. Comedy gold seems to flow effortlessly from his mouth all the time. To go along with this trait, he also takes some hilarious action.

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When it comes time for an in-person elimination visit, Frank is terrified and doesn’t want anyone to come into his room, and probably doesn’t like the idea of ​​being sneaked in either, so he barricades his door with a chair. It seems so obvious too, like another player would have thought of before, but Frank is utterly original. It’s even funnier in retrospect since he really wants visitors later.

When Bru gave a concert for his plants


As a radio personality, Bru is a creative mind, which definitely shines when it comes to entertainment. It’s not enough for Bru to bring out the guitar, he needs an audience.

Anything someone does on The circle is made funnier when host Michelle Buteau comments on it, and she brings up Bru playing a gig for his plants. Sure enough, they were assembled all around him, ready for the performance of a lifetime. Bru even spoke to them, providing a personalized concert experience.

When Rachel Built Creepy Clay Figures And Talked To Them

The circle seems to give contestants some things to keep them entertained since they can’t have their phones. They are given puzzles, pens, and notepads, and sometimes players appear to have art supplies such as clay. In Season 4, a bored Rachel really puts her clay to creative use.

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At one point, she builds clay figurines, then she tells herself, saying, “this is the cutest s— I’ve ever seen.” While its arts and crafts are relatively decent, it might not be the cutest thing ever. This seems to be a sign that Rachel is trying to make friends on her own. At least she seems to like them.

When John spoke to a photo of his mother


John is a pretty decent mommy boy since he managed to play with his mom, Carol. It certainly seems like he misses her at times throughout the show.

He has a picture of his mother that he keeps with him there, which is fine, but he talks to her a lot, which can be scary. While it might give Norman Bates vibes to some, it’s ultimately hilarious to see John sit down and sip tea while spending some quality time with his framed photo and giving it all the details.

When Eversen made his pecs dance

Eversen looking at his painting on The Circle

When it’s time for The circle final, Eversen clearly seems to have been a bit isolated, even though he hasn’t been around as long as the other players.

Being alone in the apartment is probably very different from being close to lots of people on the cruise. Eversen dances his pecs while making a joke about speaking Morse code with them. It’s incredibly funny while also raising the question: Could a Circle message be typed this way?

When Frank danced with the wall decoration as a top

Frank in the circle season 4

In perhaps the funniest moment of season 4 of The circle quite, the show cuts to reveal The circle Fan-favorite Frank in his apartment with a woven wall hanging hanging around his neck as he wears it as a top and sparkles with all his might.

Frank says it very clearly with his arrival in The circle that he is the life of the party. He wants to convey that to others with his photo of himself drinking tequila on a boat, and he brings the party energy throughout the season, so it’s no wonder Frank has threw his own party with the decor and created his own music.

When Rachel Hula wrapped her neck around her

Rachel in the circle season 4

Rachel is an absolute joy to look into The circle season 4. She wears her heart on her sleeve throughout the game and forms very strong bonds that ultimately help her make it to the finals.

She brilliantly chooses the beautiful party under the sea with Bru and soon after finds herself jumping in the hula while messaging Circle. Although it’s a normal action, it’s really fun to watch her just hula hoop for entertainment and then hold it while Circle sends messages and finally chooses to slowly drop it all the way down the line. path.

When Bru talked to rubber duckies

Bru in the circle season 4

Bru has a knack for speaking, as evidenced by his radio career and related success on TikTok and Instagram. So it’s no wonder he finds himself talking a lot about The circle.

When there is no one to talk to, Bru seems perfectly comfortable talking to inanimate objects, which is something many people tend to do in their daily lives and would surely do more if isolated like Bru. . He talks to his rubber duckies whether they’re with him in the bath, hot tub, or wherever he feels the need to chat.

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