Month: August 2019

Factors that spoil your savings

We continue to analyze those habits that, little by little and without you noticing, make the money you put together be reduced to a few soles. Do not cancel the memberships you do not use. Now a lot of services are based on memberships, that is the business and sometimes to cancel them you have to Read More

Credit without bank statement – of course, conveniently from the net.

The banks and savings banks generally require quite extensive documentation when granting loans in order to be able to assess the creditworthiness of the loan applicant. Nevertheless, a loan without a bank statement is possible. Because the information provided by the bank statement can also be provided in other ways. Apply for bank statements – Read More

Credit for driving license despite Credit Bureau – instant loan in difficult cases.

Credit for driving license needed despite Credit Bureau ? Which height? Via intermediary or bank requested? What do you expect from serious credit with negative Credit Bureau and what do you have to offer yourself? Loans with a negative Credit Bureau credit rating are not taken for granted. Do not believe in credit advertising anything Read More